i am big girl. please be strong :)

there are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept ,
things we don't want to know but have to learn,
 and people we can't live without but have to let go.
being plastic and drag people into your lies won't make you perfect or famous. please be real girls and boys :)

Zain's daughter as a uniten student :)

       For sure everyone have their experiences of being a university student. As we have already expected ,life in university is totally different from school life. So, it same goes to me too. Since now I am an officially the      university student, more or less a lot of new things I did learn here. The first thing that I learn is friendship.     Being a shiny new toy is hard than expected. I feel shy to get know each other even with my housemates. Soon, I realize that even though I have already bestfriends or school friend but I have to make a new friends in the new surrounding at last. Later, the friendship bond between me and my friends are getting stronger. Assignments, quizzes and exams are the new things the moment I step on the lecture hall. I must admit that  all   these thing makes my life hectic and miserable. At the end, it makes me realize that these crazy things is a memory and experiences of being a student. This experience is only come once in a life.
   On the other hand, without my noticing, being the university student is actually an opportunity for me to regain my knowledge. The only different is I regain my knowledge based on my interest. Besides, SPM exam is not the end of my life. Although I did not do well in my SPM but still I have the opportunity for taking the     account course since I want to be the professional Accountant in the future. So, as for my conclusions, I am proud to be the students. A lot of things I can share to my children as I am having my own child soon. Actually, the precious moment in our life is being a student. This because being a students is not hard as adult people who keep thinking about a lot of problems such as marriage, jobs and money. But being a student, the only thing we need to worry is how we gonna achieve that 4 flat pointer. :)